Mennonite entertainment centers, TV VCR stands, Oak TV stands, Lloyd's Mennonite Furniture Schomberg Ontario.

Delivering handcrafted Mennonite furniture to Ontario homes since 1984!

Handcrafted custom entertainment units.

Mennonite corner entertainment furniture center
Handcrafted Mennonite maple entertainment center
3 pc Mennonite furniture entertainment center
3 pc hand made Mennonite entertainment
Handcrafted Mennonite all wood VCR

3 piece oak entertainment center
Pine TV armoire
Oak TV VCR stand
32 inch oak TV VCR stand
5 foot and 6 foot pine books shelves
44 inch Plasma Entertainment center
HD TV television cabinet entertainment center
Maple Florentino TV stands
Mennonite HD TV solid wood television cabinets
Mennonite HD TV cabinets
Mennonite solid wood Phillipe bar
HDTV Console with Hutch
N-TQHD60 Tranquil HDTV Console
N-COHD84H Contempo HDTV Console & Hutch
P-GHD60 Georgetown HDTV Console
N-MAHD84H Marsten HDTV Console & Hutch
FHD84H Florentino 84'' HDTV Unit
P-P400 Phillipe 4/Pc Wall System
ADHD84H Art-Deco HDTV Unit & Hutch
P-HVL72 Hudson Valley HDTV Lift Console

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Click For Directions Bradford Location
Lloyd's Mennonite Furniture Ltd.
9 Holland St. E. Bradford Ontario

Click For Directions Schomberg Location
1 Proctor Road, Schomberg
Hwy. 9 & Hwy. 27 SE corner